STEVEN PARRINO—PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS 1986–2003, now on view in Manhattan, is the late artist’s first hometown show in over a decade.

“Most are afraid of total freedom, of nothingness, of life. You try to control everything, but nature is uncontrollable. It doesn’t matter how you express yourself (words, image, electric guitar), what matters is that you have something to express…

“I want to be profoundly touched by art, by life. I came to painting at the time of its death, not to breathe its last breath, but to caress its lifelessness. The necromancy of the pietà, Pollock’s One, times with the birth of a synthetic star, 1958 BLACK PAINTINGS, DEATH & DISASTERS, modernism at its most powerful, before the point where circuses began.” — Steven ParrinoThe No Texts, 2003


Through July 15.


19 East 64th Street, New York City.

Steven Parrino, from top: For Pierre Huber, 1990, acrylic on canvas; SKELETAL IMPLOSION #2, 2001, enamel on canvas; SPIN-OUT VORTEX (BLACK HOLE), 2000, lacquer on canvas; Screw Ball, 1988, acrylic on canvas; Bentoffkilterslime, 1995, enamel and silicon on honeycomb aluminum; Silver Surfer, 1987, acrylic on canvas; Blue Idiot, 1986, acrylic and enamel on canvas; China de Sade, 1987, acrylic on canvas; Untitled, 1991, enamel on canvas; Death in America #22003, acrylic on canvas; Untitled, 1991, enamel on canvas; Crowbar, 1987, canvas, frame, crowbar. Images courtesy and © the artist’s estate and Skarstedt.

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