Those were halcyon times, our salad days indeed…raising our “consciousnesses” and creating a lifelong family of friends. — Fakroon (below), friend and photographic subject of Sunil Gupta

On the occasion of FROM HERE TO ETERNITYSunil Gupta’s first comprehensive retrospective exhibition in Great Britain—the artist and photographer will join curator Mason Leaver-Yap for an online conversation.

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Wednesday, October 28

10:30 am on the West Coast; 1:30 pm East Coast; 6:30 pm London; 7:30 pm Paris..


Through January 24.

The Photographers’ Gallery

16-18 Ramillies Street, Soho, London.

Exhibition catalog published by Autograph. Click here for an artist’s video tour of the show.

Sunil Gupta, From Here to Eternity, The Photographers’ Gallery, October 9, 2020–January 24, 2021, from top: Sunil with NY Review of Books, circa 1975; Shalini, Rudi, Sunil, Léo, 3425 Stanley, circa 1974; India Gate, 1987, from the series Exiles; Untitled #9, from the series Sun City; Fakroon, circa 1974; Untitled #50, from the series Christopher Street, 1976/2020; Shroud, 1999, from the series From Here to Eternity; Sunil Gupta, Queer (2011) exhibition catalog courtesy and © the artist, Vadehra Art Gallery, and Prestel; Sunil Gupta, Lovers: Ten Years On (2020) exhibition catalog cover image courtesy and © the artist and Stanley / Barker, design by The Entente; Sunil Gupta, From Here to Eternity (2020) exhibition catalog cover courtesy and © the artist and Autograph, graphic design Fraser Muggeridge Studio; Untitled #13, 2008, from the series The New Pre-Raphaelites; Untitled #22, from the series Christopher Street, 1976; Untitled #7, 2008, from the series The New Pre-Raphaelites; Jama Masjid, 1987, from the series Exiles. Images © Sunil Gupta, courtesy of the artist, Hales Gallery, Stephen Bulger Gallery, and Vadehra Art Gallery, © DACS 2020.

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