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This week, as part of the Time-Based Art Festival, Gregg Bordowitz will give a poetry reading at Reed College.

The exhibition GREGG BORDOWITZ—I WANNA BE WELL is also on view.


GREGG BORDOWITZ, Thursday, September 13, at 6:30 pm.

Eliot Hall, Reed College, 3203 S.E. Woodstock Boulevard, Portland.



Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery

Reed College, 3203 S.E. Woodstock Boulevard, Portland.

Image credit above: Afterall Books.

Below: Gregg Bordowitz in his film Fast Trip, Long Drop (1993).


For his new show at Eva Presenhuber—his second with the gallery—WYATT KAHN has reproduced eight of his earlier linen works in milled lead.

“Taking his prior compositions as a lexicon of forms to be reworked, Kahn here has swapped out the refined, pale surfaces of his older works for the darkness of elemental metal. The sheet lead Kahn employs reveals the marks of its machine milling in shifting gray surface striations, augmented by the occasional prismatic shimmer.”*

In addition, the exhibition includes nine new silver gelatin prints of domestic items—a lighbulb, a comb, a clock, a telephone, etc. “Partially obscuring the image are…out-of-focus [lines and shapes]…which have been superimposed not via digital editing, but physically: Kahn drew simple geometric designs on a clear lens filter and shot the image through its intervening composition.”*

In conjunction with the show, the monograph WYATT KAHN (2017)—with a text by Afterall, Art Review, and Parkett contributor Terry R. Myers—has been co-published by Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zürich; Xavier Hufkens, Brussels; and JRP/Ringier, Zürich.

WYATT KAHN, through July 15.

GALERIE EVA PRESENHUBER, Löwenbräu Areal, Limmatstrasse 270, Zürich.


(From top): Wyatt Kahn, detail of Untitled, 2016, lead on panel; image from Wyatt Kahn monograph; Untitled, 2017, silver gelatin print; Untitled, 2016; Untitled, 2017; Untitled 2016. All images courtesy of Wyatt Kahn, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, and the publishers of Wyatt Kahn.

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