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Participant Inc presents JOE IS JOE, a reading performance from Joe Westmoreland’s 2001 novel Tramps Like Us.

Hosted by Eileen Myles and Tom Cole, special guests include Brontez Purnell, Erin Kimmel, Samuel Delany, Karla Cornejo Villavicencio, Tony Stinkmetal, Lori E. Seid, Ryan McGinley, Johanna Fateman, and Roberta Colindrez, with music by Anohni.

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Sunday, December 27.

3 pm on the West Coast; 6 pm East Coast.

From top: Qalbee Cohee (left) and Joe Westmoreland in San Francisco, 1979; Roberta Colindrez in Jill Soloway and Sarah Gubbins series I Love Dick (2016), photograph by Jessica Brooks, courtesy and © Amazon Prime Video; Brontez Purnell, courtesy and © the author; image from Joe Westmoreland, Tramps Like Us, courtesy and © Painted Leaf Press, New York.


I wasn’t ready [right after Hunger and Shame] to delve into this [Small Axe] narrative, because I had to mature, I had to still understand who I was and where I was, and where I wanted to go to achieve these films.Steve McQueen

In conjunction with the Amazon Prime streaming release of McQueen’s five Small Axe films—Mangrove; Lovers Rock; Red, White and Blue; Alex Wheatle; and Education—the American Cinematheque presents an online discussion with the writer-director.

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Saturday, December 12.

10 am on the West Coast; 1 pm East Coast; 6 pm London; 7 pm Paris.

Steve McQueen, Small Axe (2020), from top: Shaniqua Okwok and Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn in Lovers Rock, photograph by Parisa Taghizedeh; Kenyah Sandy in Education, photograph by Will Robson-Scott; John Boyega in Red, White and Blue; Micheal Ward and St. Aubyn in Lovers Rock, photograph by Taghizedeh; Sheyi Cole and Khali Best in Alex Wheatle, photograph by Will Robson-Scott; Shaun Parkes in Mangrove. Images courtesy and © the BBC, McQueen Ltd., and Amazon Prime Video.


Small Axe started as a TV series. But as I developed it, I came to realize that these stories needed to be stand-alone films. For me, they became individual stories. But obviously they’re linked, and the connective tissue is the Black British experience, the Black Indian experience. These are historical pieces that we need to come to light…

We’re missing two generations or so of Black artists in the UK because that industry was not welcoming to Black people. There’s a hole in our narrative. These stories shaped the history of the UK. So it’s no small feat in what the West Indian population has done in the UK and the Black population has done in the UK. — Steve McQueen

MANGROVE—the highly acclaimed first of five Small Axe films—is streaming now. See link below.


Small Axe, Episode 1.

Amazon Original

Now streaming.

Steve McQueen, Mangrove (2020), from top: Letitia Wright; Shaun Parkes and Wright; Rochenda Sandall; Llewella Gideon (far left in blue dress) Parkes (on her right), Michelle Greenidge (in green dress), Darren Braithwaite (right of Greenidge), Wright (center of banner), Malachi Kirby (with megaphone), Gershwyn Eustache, Jr. (right, with glasses), and Sandall (far right, holding pig’s head); Kirby; Kirby (from left), Richie Campbell, Wright, Braithwaite, Nathaniel Martello White, Parkes, Eustache, and Sandall. Images photographed by Des Willie and Kieron McCarron (below), courtesy and © McQueen Limited, the BBC, and Amazon Prime Video.