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A selection of over sixty collage works by Hedi El KholtiSemiotext(e) and Animal Shelter co-editor and designer—are collected in A PLACE IN THE SUN, a Hesse Press publication.

“My collages always start with a vague notion, or a sentence, or they’re meant to be a visual portrait with vague associations of someone who’s close to me and their infinite numbers of mirrors in pop culture. As if, like me, they’re all comprised of the sum of their influences, whether they know it or not.” — Hedi El Kholti, “Pop Culture (Heroes and Villians),” PARIS LA 5 (Winter 2010/2011)

HEDI EL KHOLTI—A PLACE IN THE SUN (Los Angeles: Hesse Press, 2017).

From top: Hedi El Kholti, collage from A Place in the Sun, originally published in PARIS LA 5; cover PARIS LA 5; pages 10–11 from “Pop Culture (Heroes and Villains),” text and collages by Hedi El Kholti, PARIS LA 5; A Place in the Sun cover; collage from A Place in the Sun. Images courtesy and © Hedi El Kholti and Hesse Press.



The fifth and final issue of ANIMAL SHELTER—edited by Hedi El Kholti, Chris Kraus, and Janique Vigier—includes a story by Colm Tóibín, poems by Ariana Reines, and essays by Bruce Hainley (on Hervé Guibert), Masha Tupitsyn (on Ingmar Bergman), Jean-Louis Schefer (on Hitchcock’s Vertigo), and Natasha Stagg (“Alone at Safeway”).


ANIMAL SHELTER 5, available at Stories in Echo Park, and Oooga Booga in Chinatown.





Image credit: Animal Shelter.