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This weekend, Batsheva Dance Company veteran Bret Easterling will perform his evening-length, in-the-round dance/sound work BRECHT at the L.A. Dance Project space.

Easterling will dance amid a sea of microphones, creating and transmitting the ambient sounds with which musician-composer Maxwell Transue will arrange a real time score.


Saturday, June 29, at 8 pm.

L.A. Dance Project

2245 East Washington Boulevard, downtown Los Angeles.

From top: Bret Easterling, Brecht, Luckman Fine Arts Complex, April 2019, photograph by Cheryl Mann; Easterling, Brecht in rehearsal (2); Easterling (forground) dancing with Batsheva Dance Company in Last Work, choreographed by Ohad Naharin, photograph by Ascaf Avraham; Easterling, Brecht, Luckman Fine Arts Complex, April 2019, photograph by Cheryl Mann. Images courtesy and © the artists, photographers, and dance companies.


In VENEZUELAOhad Naharin’s long-gestating double take on perception and the “dialog between movement and the content it represents”—Batsheva Dance Company mixes the intensely physical articulation of its familiar Gaga technique with a détournement of ballroom and tango forms, set to music by—among others—The Notorious B.I.G., Rage Against the Machine, and a selection of Gregorian Chants.*

This weekend, CAP UCLA will present two performances of VENEZUELA at Royce.


Friday and Saturday, March 15 and 16.

Shows at 8 pm.

Royce Hall, UCLA

10745 Dickson Court, Los Angeles.

Ohad Naharin / Batsheva Dance Company, Venezuela. Photography credit Ascaf, courtesy the artists and CAP UCLA.


Mon Elue Noire

The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company—whose collaboration with SITI Company, A Rite, brought down the house at Royce Hall three years ago—is returning to UCLA this autumn with ANALOGY TRILOGY, a marathon work that combines Analogy/Dora and Analogy/Lance with Analogy Ambros, based on a story by W. G. Sebald.

Batsheva_Venezuela_photo (c) Ascaf__2714

The Jones/Zane company engagement is one of several dance presentations now on sale as part of the complete CAP UCLA 2018–2019 season. Other highlights include Germaine Acogny’s performance of Olivier DuboisMON ÉLUE NOIRE—SACRE #2Jérôme Bel’s GALA, the Quote Unquote Collective’s MOUTHPIECE, Batsheva’s VENEZUELA, and the Merce Cunningham celebration NIGHT OF 100 SOLOS.

Dates and tickets: cap.ucla.edu/calendar

From top: Germaine Acogny in Mon élue noire—Sacre #2, Batsheva Dance Company in Venezuela, and the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, photograph by Paul B. Goode.

Bill T Jones_Analogy_Dora_PhotobyPaulBGoode


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This month at the Joyce, Batsheva—The Young Ensemble will perform NAHARIN’S VIRUS, choreographed by Ohad Naharin and inspired by Peter Handke’s play, Offending the Audience.


NAHARIN’S VIRUS, through July 22.

JOYCE THEATER, 175 Eighth Avenue (at 19th Street), New York City.


Above: Ohad Naharin (right) rehearsing his dancers.

Below: Batsheva—The Young Ensemble, performing Naharin’s Virus.

Image result for naharin's virus




“I joined a company run by a straight man who loves women. Most dance companies are not like that. [Ohad Naharin] wanted strong, powerful women. He wanted thighs, ass, boobs, echoes of flesh moving. And he wants juice. He wants you to drip… ” — Bobbi Jene Smith, to Laura Dern, in the documentary BOBBI JENE

Iowan Bobbi Jene Smith left Juilliard at 21 to join the Batsheva Dance Company in Israel, and stayed for ten years as a dancer (and—in the beginning—lover of the artistic director Naharin, whose method, Gaga, is not only a great way to dance, but cured Bobbi’s eating disorder).

“There’s no time left.” — Bobbi Jene

At thirty, Bobbi was still bringing to the process the brilliant athleticism for which Batsheva is famous. But—working with young dancer/lover Or Meir Schraiber—she starts choreographing her own pieces and, soon enough, leaves Israel for a teaching position in the Bay Area that will give her the time and space to work.

In Elvira Lind’s documentary BOBBI JENE, the pleasure/pain nexus of dance underscores the story of a young woman unconstrained by shame, jumping at the chance to change her life before it’s too late.


BOBBI JENE, through October 12.

LAEMMLE ROYAL, 11523 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles.


Or Meir Schraiber and Bobbi Jene Smith.

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