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“From New York to Los Angeles and finally back to Paris, the French artist Guy de Cointet followed a singular geographical and artistic trajectory between the late 1960s and his premature death in 1983.”*

GUY DE COINTET—THÉÂTRE COMPLET brings together for the first time all the theatrical works by Guy de Cointet.

This Paraguay Press book was edited by Hugues Decointet, François Piron, and Marilou Thiébault.

“With twenty-five plays in the original French and English and in translation—written between 1973 and 1983—the book also features commentaries, interviews, and documents relating to their intended design and staging, including notebooks, drawings, photographs, posters, and invitation cards from the archives of Guy de Cointet Estate at the Kandinsky Library at Centre Pompidou in Paris.”**

This book was published with the support of the Guy de Cointet Society and the CNAP—Centre National des Arts Plastiques.


GUY DE COINTET—THÉÂTRE COMPLET, ed. Hugues Decointet, François Piron, and Marilou Thiébault (Paris: Paraguay Press, 2017).


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Guy de Cointet—Théâtre Complet cover. Book design by Laure Giletti and Gregory Dapra. Image credit: Paraguay Press.

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