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Dover Street Market Los Angeles is open for business.

“It’s really sad and somewhat annoying to read that the future of retail is online. Don’t get me wrong, our e-shops are doing incredibly well and are becoming a very important part of the business. But, ultimately, we’d like them to stay as a kind of service for people who are not near a Dover Street Market, or who need a reorder.

DSM is a family, and a family that doesn’t meet and touch and talk and exchange is not a family that can grow and evolve in a healthy way.” — Adrian Joffe, Comme des Garçons CEO*


Dover Street Market, 606–608 Imperial Street, downtown Los Angeles.

*“Independent Lines: Adrian Joffe in conversation with Dorothée Perret,” PARIS LA 16 (2018), 20–24.

All images courtesy Dover Street Market.