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In 1999 Mark Leckey released his video-montage FIORUCCI MADE ME HARDCORE, a dreamscape vignette that communes with the rapturous promises of youth. Putting archive material to uncanny use, Leckey entwined purloined footage of underground dance and street culture in Britain with sampled and recorded audio. Completed on the eve of mass online file-sharing, FIORUCCI MADE ME HARDCORE is ingrained with memories of subcultures, fleeting, rare, and precious.

In his print study of the work—a recent publication in the Afterall Books: One Work series—Mitch Speed “argues that by interweaving personal and collective memory, FIORUCCI MADE ME HARDCORE gives voice to class and cultural transformation during the Thatcherite era. Oscillating between local and expansive resonances, it manifests as an homage, a love letter and an incantation.”


Mark Leckey, Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999), stills (3), courtesy and © the artist and Cabinet Gallery, London. Mitch Speed, Mark Leckey: Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, image courtesy and © Afterall Books.


“There’s this weird thing about liking what other people don’t like…. When someone says ‘That stuff is ugly,’ I am immediately drawn to it because it just means it’s challenging.

“Take Memphis furniture and objects…. They were the scourge of the design world for the longest time, and I always found it to be the most legitimate design movement since the Bauhaus. It was a worldview of what design could be….

“When I was 16, I worked at Fiorucci. Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Medini and Nathalie du Pasquier had all worked for Fiorucci [as design directors], and I knew immediately that what they were doing was looking back at [1950s] Americana.” — JimWalrod (1961–2017)*

Walrod—an interior designer, collector, architectural historian, former co-proprietor of Form and Function, co-curator of Paul Rudolph: Lower Manhattan Expressway at The Drawing Center, consultant to Ang Lee on The Ice Storm, design advisor to David Bowie and Mike D (among many others), collaborator with André Balazs on the interiors of the Standard Downtown in Los Angeles, Apartamento contributing editor, and author of I Knew Jim Knew—died unexpectedly last month.

*Patrick Parrish, “Jim Walrod: Under the Radar & Over the Top,” Apartamento 10 (Autumn/Winter 2012–2013): 60.

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Jim Walrod , I Knew Jim Knew (2014). Image credit: Powerhouse Books.

I knew Jim knew

I knew Jim knew