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BAUHAUS / DOCUMENTA—VISION UND MARKE—a new exhibition in Kassel curated by Philipp Oswalt and Daniel Tyradellis—looks at the crosscurrents between two iconic German institutions:

Bauhaus aimed to confront the crisis of industrialization and the damages caused by the First World War through the applied design of objects, spaces and buildings; documenta took up the romantic idea of the engagement with fine art, through which people should become responsible citizens again.”*

The show—part of the celebration of the Bauhaus centenary—includes works by Marianne Brandt, Marcel Breuer, Bazon Brock, Hans Haacke, Wassily Kandinsky, Barbara Klemm, Aleksandr Ptuschko, and Gilles Raynaldy.


Through September 8.

Neue Galerie

Schöne Aussicht 1, Kassel.

From top: Staircase of the Fridericianum with tapestry by Fritz Winter, 1956–1957, documenta 2, 1959, photograph by Günther Becker; Sculpture Hall at documenta I, Kassel, 1955, featuring works by Hans Arp, Henri Laurens, Alexander Calder, and Henry Moore; rotunda at the Fridericianum, documenta I, photograph by Günther Becker. Below: invitation card for Bauhaus/documenta—Vision und Marke, featuring images of Haus-Rucker-Co, Oase Nr. 7 (Oasis No. 7), documenta 5, 1972, photograph by Carl Eberth; and Wilhelm Wagenfeld ‘s Tischleuchte (table lamp), 1924, photograph by Joachim Fliegner. Images courtesy and © documenta archiv.


In conjunction with the recent essay collection MARCEL BREUER: BUILDING GLOBAL INSTITUTIONS, join the book’s editors Barry Bergdoll and Jonathan Massey, along with two of its contributors—Lucia Allais and Guy Nordenson—for a talk and roundtable discussion about Breuer’s practice.


Monday, March 4, at 6 pm.

Princeton University School of Architecture

Betts Auditorium

McCosh Walk, Princeton.

Also see Hal Foster’s forthcoming Positive Barbarism: Brutal Aesthetics in the Postwar Period (Princeton University Press).

From top: The old Whitney Museum of American Art (now Met Breuer)—designed by Marcel Breuer with his partner Hamilton P. Smith—in 1966, the year it opened, photograph © Photo Ezra Stoller/Esto; portrait of Breuer, circa 1949, photograph © Homer Page, Bauhaus archives, Berlin; Begrisch Hall—designed by Breuer (with Smith and Robert Gatje) and completed in 1961—was part of NYU’s University Heights campus in the Bronx, until it was sold to CUNY, photograph © Ben Schnall, Marcel Breuer Papers, Archives of American Art, Washington, D.C.