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MARTHA DIAMOND — 1980–1989

When I was a young child, I often accompanied my father from Queens into Manhattan. The trip into the city was visually interesting because of all the shapes in forms of bridges, highways, cemeteries, generating stations, chimneys, and tanks—for whatever purpose they served. This is what I saw, simple things with their own magic. — Martha Diamond

MARTHA DIAMOND—1980–1989, a solo show of historical paintings, is on view through the end of the month. See link below for details.


Through February 27.

Magenta Plains

94 Allen Street, New York City.

Martha Diamond: 1980–1989, Magenta Plains, New York, January 13, 2020–February 27, 2020, from top: Untitled 13, 1987, oil on masonite; Orange Light, 1983, oil on linen; 6, circa 1980s, oil on masonite; Facade 1982, 1981–1982, oil on linen; 18, circa 1980s, oil on masonite; 6, circa 1980s, oil on masonite. Images © Martha Diamond, courtesy of the artist and Magenta Plains.