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Wu Tsang—the spring 2019 Art Council Chair at the UCLA Department of Art—will give a visiting artist lecture at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.


Wednesday, December 4, at 7 pm.

Institute of Contemporary Art

1717 East 7th Street, downtown Los Angeles.

From top: Wu Tsang, photograph by Maciek Jasik; Wu Tsang, Into a Space of Love, 2018, stills (2), courtesy and © Frieze and Gucci; Fred Moten and Wu Tsang, Who Touched Me? (2018), cover image courtesy and © If I Can’t Dance; Wu Tsang, The Looks, 2015, featuring boychild, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, photograph by Achim Kukulies, Düsseldorf; Wu Tsang, Damelo Todo / Odot Olemad, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, photograph by Stefan Alteburger. Images courtesy and © the artist, the photographers, the publishers, Clifton Benevento, Michael Benevento, and Isabella Bortolozzi.


An exhibition at Migros revisiting works by Oscar Tuazon and Banks Violette will be up for two more weeks.

In addition to sculptures by the two artists, the show includes Tuazon’s two-track sound piece My Flesh to Your Bare Bones (2010), a dialog with Vito Acconci:

“Acconci drew up the text Antarctica of the Mind (2004) as a kind of utopian blueprint for the British research station Halley II in Antarctica; his proposal was never realized. The recording guides the listener in imagining a virtual place unconnected to any points of reference: ‘So think of this world as a white sheet of paper, a blank page,’ Acconci’s voice instructs the visitor before furnishing his virtual world with balloonlike structures made of light. Tuazon responds to the audio recording by combining it with his own voice in a simultaneous confrontation. Spoken in the perspective of a first-person narrator, his sentences transport the body to Acconci’s immaterial and featureless landscape and compete with it in a subjective and almost vulnerable manner.”*




Through May 13.

Migros Museum

Limmatstrasse 270, Zürich.

Above: Vito Acconci and Oscar Tuazon, My Flesh to Your Bare Bones, 2010. Two-channel audio installation, 9:46 min.

Below: Oscar Tuazon, I use my body for something, I use it to make something, I make something with my body, whatever that is. I make something and I pay for it and I get paid for it., 2010 (detail). Concrete, rebar, mesh. Collection Migros Museum.

Photographs © Stefan Altenburger.