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Is David Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DR. one of the greatest puzzles in cinematic history? Or a sphinx without a riddle?

Revisit the great L.A. noir this week at the Downtown Independent.


Friday, February 22, at 8 pm.

Downtown Independent

251 South Main Street, Los Angeles.

From top: Naomi Watts as Betty/Diane Selwyn and Laura Harring as Rita/Camilla Rhodes in Mulholland Dr.(2001); David Lynch directing Justin Theroux directing a musical number; Melissa George; Watts and Mark Pellegrino. Image credit: Universal Pictures.



As part of the American Cinematheque program “Symptoms of Vertigo,” Chris Marker’s seminal LA JETÉE (1964) will open a double-bill this week at the Egyptian.

“In addition to translating visually ideas about the mechanics of memory, the nature of identity, and the politics of history, LA JETÉE also draws attention to the character and function of imaging technologies in the post-war, Cold War era.  In so doing, it responds to that film theory of the 1940s concerned with the metaphysics of the photographic arts – that is, the status of the image, both still and moving – while simultaneously anticipating the questions that fueled the development of cine-semiotics in the 1960s — namely, those about the syntagmatic structures through which cinematic meaning is created.” – Corinn Columpar*


LA JETÉE and MULHOLLAND DR (2001, directed by David Lynch), Friday, May 25, at 7:30.

EGYPTIAN THEATRE, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.



Scene from La jetée.

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