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“Dash [Snow] and David Hammons are both artists with a witch-doctor feel to their work, which is important, because ultimately what is the value of art?… In an increasingly secular society, it’s even more important as people try to form their belief systems. If you’re not going the readymade route, then you look around for the tools available to make something of your own. That’s a big part of the artist’s job or the writer’s job…

“It’s found in the moment, not in an academic way. You find it in the practice. I think the academic and institutional part of the art world is a big problem. Artists often collaborate with them to their detriment, because they think they need the institution as a go-between, a translator for the public. Dash, like Hammons, understood that you don’t need the middleman. Cut out the middleman. Make him wait in line with everyone else. It has to be on the artist’s terms.” — Glenn O’Brien on Dash Snow*

The new exhibition THE DROWNED WORLD presents work from the late artist’s archive, including a selection of rarely seen sculptures.


Through May 12.

Participant Inc

253 East Houston Street, New York City.

*”I Don’t Believe in Masterpieces AnywayGlenn O’Brien on Dash Snow,” Ursula 2 (Spring 2019).

See Nicole Miller and David Rimanelli on Snow.

Dash Snow, from top: Mixed-media sculpture, 2000–2009; The Drowned World: Selections from the Dash Snow Archive, 2019, installation view, Participant Inc, New York, photograph by Mark Waldhauser; Untitled, 2000–2009, Polaroid (Kunle Martins (left) and Snow); Untitled (Past, Present), 2006, mixed-media sculpture; Untitled, 2007, collage; Untitled (Her Kisses Were Dangerous), 2006–2007, collage. Images © Dash Snow, courtesy of the Dash Snow Archive, New York City and Participant Inc. Special thanks to Lia Gangitano.


Marking the opening night of JOURNEYS WITH THE INITIATED, Nick Mauss, Pati Hertling, Ulrike Müller, and Ethan Philbrick will join Malik Gaines for a performance of Gaines’ ERLKÖNIG .

JOURNEYS WITH THE INITIATED—curated by Yesomi Umolu and Katja Rivera, with the participation of Evan Ifekoya, Grada Kilomba, Tiona Nekkia McClodden, and Virginia de Medeiros—is the New York section of the ongoing project Hubert Fichte—Love and Ethnology, and investigates Fichte’s book The Black City—Glosses through a series of texts, videos, photographs, sculpture, sound, and performance at Participant Inc and e-flux.


Sunday, December 2, at 6:30 pm.

e-flux, 311 East Broadway (at Grand Street), New York City.




December 2, 2018 through January 13, 2019.

Participant Inc, 253 East Houston Street, #1, New York City.

e-flux, 311 East Broadway (at Grand Street), New York City.

See “Questions of Representation: Malik Gaines in conversation with Barlo Perry,” PARIS LA 16 (2018), 178–181.

Top: Tiona Nekkia McCloddenan offering six years a conjecture, 2018. Digital C-prints, two-channel video with sound, audio. Courtesy the artist.

Above image credit: Sternberg Press.

Below: Hubert Fichte with Dan-Maske, 1979. Photograph by Leonore Mau, Fichte’s partner.