Former Paris-LA blog and Paris, LA Magazine #12 contributor Rachael Morrison is currently making a documentary film. The film is about a blind telephone hacker genius who legally changed his name from Joe Engressia, Jr. to Joybubbles, after declaring himself “the age of five forever.” Check out the trailer for the film here, along with her website, and the Kickstarter Campaign she has launched to raise money to complete the project! It looks like it is going to be awesome and we can’t wait to see it!


The exhibition Millennium Magazines organized by Rachael Morrison and David Senior of the MoMA Library, explores the various ways in which contemporary artists and designers utilize the magazine format as an experimental space for the presentation of artworks and text, since 2000.

Located at the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building til May 14, the works on view represent a broad array of international titles (including PARIS, LA)  within this genre, from community-building newspapers to image-only photography magazines to conceptual design projects. The contents illustrate a diverse range of image-making, editing, design, printing, and distribution practices. There are obvious connections to the past lineage of artists’ magazines and little architecture and design magazines of the 20th century, as well as a clear sense of the application of new techniques of image-editing and printing methods. Assembled together, these contemporary magazines provide a first-hand view into these practices and represents the MoMA Library’s sustained effort to document and collect this medium.