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NICO, 1988

“[In NICO, 1988, director] Susanna Nicchiarelli… takes us close to Nico’s tattered charisma, and to the haphazard rituals of her life, all to figure out what made her tick. Christa Päffgen [Nico] is running from her myth, yet she polishes it every time she drops a pensée like, ‘I’ve been at the top, I’ve been at the bottom: Both places are empty.’ ” — Variety

Trine Dyrholm’s performance as the singer has riveted audiences in Europe, and the American Cinematheque and USC will present preview screenings.

NICO, 1988

Thursday, July 26, at 7:30 pm.

Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian 

6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

NICO, 1988

Wednesday, August 1, at 7 pm.

Ray Stark Theatre

900 West 34th Street, Los Angeles.

Opens August 3.


11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles.

From top: Trine Dyrholm in Nico, 1988; director Susanna Nicchiarelli on set with Dyrholm; Dyrholm. Images courtesy Magnolia Pictures.


Annie Hardy, Melissa Brooks (The Aquadolls), and Joe Cardamone—former leader of the underground band The Icarus Line—will perform tonight at the premiere of the new film THE ICARUS LINE MUST DIE.

On Thursday night, the Alumni Screening Series at USC presents a free preview of the narrative feature, followed by a Q & A with director and co-writer Michael Grodner.

And after the Friday night show at the Royal cinema, Cardamone—the film’s star—will join Grodner for another Q & A.

A blend of autobiography and fiction set deep inside L.A.’s music scene, ICARUS LINE co-stars Jerry Stahl, Ariel Pink, Keith Morris, and Rafael Reyes.

Pink Mountaintops, Together Pangea, Retox, Obliterations, Annie Hardy of Giant Drag, and The Icarus Line perform in the film.




Wednesday, June 20, at 7:30

Regent Theater

448 South Main Street, downtown Los Angeles.



With Michael Grodner Q & A

Thursday, June 21, at 7 pm.

Ray Stark Theatre, USC

900 West 34th Street, Los Angeles.


With Joe Cardamone Q&A

Friday, June 22, at 9:55.

Film plays through June 28.

Laemmle Royal

11523 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles.

Joe Cardamone (left) and the late Alvin DeGuzman of The Icarus Line. Photograph courtesy of Joe Cardamone.


Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the farm-workers’ union that later became the UFW, has been an activist for social and racial justice all her life. The new documentary DOLORES—directed by Peter Bratt (Benjamin’s brother) and produced by Carlos Santana—brings Huerta’s story to a wider audience. A special screening this week at USC will be followed by a Q & A with Huerta and her director.

“Dolores challenges patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism… and so I think she is perceived as threatening,” said Bratt. Indeed, Texas lawmakers removed her name from school curriculum for being a socialist. But Huerta is still going strong, with a current focus on educational reform.


Thursday, September 7, at 7 pm.

Ray Stark Theatre

900 West 34th Street, USC.

Above and below: Dolores Huerta in the 1970s.