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WEEKLY WRAP UP | AUG. 25-29, 2014

Historic Farmer's Market, Los Angeles, 1960s

Historic Farmer’s Market, Los Angeles, 1960s

This week on the blog we saw one of the largest flowers in the world bloom at the Huntington Library & Gardens in Pasadena – Titan Arum a.k.a “The Corpse Flower.” We visited Le Louvre in Paris and took a look at the new installation in the Department of Decorative Art from Louis XIV to Louis XVI where we saw a beautiful gold coffee grinder. The British prog rock band Yes played at the Greek Theater in L.A. We marveled at the architecture of The Church of Notre-Dame du Raincy. We attended a screening of the must-see documentary for every Angelino – Los Angeles Plays Itself. We announced Michaela Eichwald’s exhibition of paintings and sculpture at Palais de Tokyo in ParisJana Euler at Kunsthalle Zürich, and Matias Faldbakken at Standard (Oslo). And, one of our favorite bookshops in Los Angeles – Family – reopened this past week with the launch of Sean Wilsey’s new book ‘More Curious.’




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Last night Family reopened their bookshop for the launch of Sean Wilsey’s new book ‘More Curious,’ published by McSweeney’s. Family was closed over the summer and during that time did a bit of renovating.

Family co-owner David Jacob Kramer introduced author Sean Wilsey, who read from his new book of essays. Wilsey is an engaged reader who took us on a journey across the United States. He told us about the car he purchased for 12K that couldn’t go above 40mph, his traveling companions, like his dog Charlie, and, he imitated Southern accents for a few of the characters. Comedian Molly Shannon, joined Wilsey at the end of the evening for a lively interview and conversation about his new book and his writing process.

I am excited to see one of my favorite art book stores in Los Angeles back in biz, and look forward to reading the copy of Wilsey’s 2005 memoir, ‘Oh the Glory of It All’ which I picked up at the end of the night.

Family co-owner David Jacob Kramer

Family co-owner David Jacob Kramer

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Author Sean Wilsey

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Comedian Molly Shannon and Author Sean Wilsey

Comedian Molly Shannon and Author Sean Wilsey