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Oscar Tuazon’s solo exhibition at Luhring Augustine in Chelsea is on view through mid-June.

“One of Tuazon’s most ambitious projects is an architectural installation entitled ZOME ALLOY, a hollowed wooden structure consisting of eleven traversable polyhedral units, or zomes. The installation is modeled after the Zome Home, a solar powered house in Albuquerque, New Mexico designed by innovators Steve Baer and Holly Baer. One of the defining features of the Baers’ home is a double-paned glass wall that utilizes water as a heating and cooling mechanism. Though passive and sustainable, the system must be manually operated by the home’s residents, an aspect that circles back to Tuazon’s views on sculpture and the way inhabitation actively maintains it…

“For his first exhibition with Luhring Augustine, Tuazon will present a series of sculptures whose dimensions derive from the architectural openings of ZOME ALLOY. Double-paned glass is a device that he often uses to form window sculptures, whose interstices have been filled with materials that disrupt their transparency. This interplay with visibility is a hallmark of Tuazon’s practice. “*


Through June 16.

Luhring Augustine

531 West 24th Street, New York City.

Top: Oscar TuazonWater Map (Goshute Aquifer, Spring Valley, NV), 2018. India ink, watercolor, marker on paper.

Below: Tuazon.

Image credit: Tuazon and Luhring Augustine.