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THESE LACUSTRINE HOMES, a group show featuring work by Valentin Carron, Isabelle Cornaro, Karin Gulbran, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, and Mai-Thu Perret—curated by Perret—is now on view at David Kordansky.

Investigating “disparate ideas of art history, including a covert conceptualism,” the artists “draw loosely from religious iconography and its traditions, as well as European artistic movements.”

The works converge, however, in their exploration of the tension between domestic materiality on one hand and a biomorphic, dream-like strangeness on the other. This becomes a way for the artists to consider the intrinsic life force of the art object and the evasive past of each form.*


Through March 6.

David Kordansky Gallery

5130 West Edgewood Place, Los Angeles.

These Lacustrine Homes, David Kordansky Gallery, January 23, 2021–March 6, 2021, from top: Mai-Thu Perret, A Magnetizer III, 2020, glazed ceramic; Isabelle Cornaro, Streams II (#7, Aluminum), 2019,resin with aluminum powder; Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Lac Léman all year, 2020, acrylic on canvas; These Lacustrine Homes installation view, featuring (left) Valentin Carron, The Bathrobe (yellowish and cold), 2020, enamel on cast aluminum, and Mai-Thu Perret, Broken mirrors never again reflect, fallen flowers cannot return to the branch, 2020, glazed ceramic; Karin Gulbran, Singing Bird, 2020, glazed ceramic; Isabelle Cornaro, EYESORE, 2019, animation, color, silent; These Lacustrine Homes installation view, featuring works by Cornaro on wall and (foreground) Mai-Thu Perret, We receive the master’s grandmotherly kindness, 2020, glazed ceramic; These Lacustrine Homes installation view, featuring (on wall) Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Heaven on Earth rose, 2020, pink marble, and works by Gulbran; Valentin Carron, You he we we you, 2013, iron (2, full work and detail); These Lacustrine Homes installation view. Images courtesy and © the artists and David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles.