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photo 1The Brand Library & Art Center is a treasure trove nestled in the foothills of Glendale, California. I visited last week and was delighted to discover this beautiful piece of architecture, and the library’s amazing collection of art books, vinyl records, and DVDs. It is such a wonderful place, I almost don’t want to give away the secret! But the Brand Library is a public lending library with a fabulous collection that is meant to be used. I found documentaries about artists, Amy Sillmans’ latest monograph, and the giant Taschen Case Study Houses book, and I was able to bring my big pile of library materials home to keep for the next 3 weeks!

The building that houses the library is the former home of Leslie Coombs Brand, who helped develop the city of Glendale in the early 1900s. In 1925, when he passed away, he left his estate to the city of Glendale, and it was turned into a public park and library. The white exterior, scalloped archways, decorative windows, and placement on a hill at the end of palm tree lined Western Avenue gives it a grandiose air.

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