Installation of The Communicator (March 30 – April 1), 2014.
Image courtesy of The Smile Face Museum.

The Smile Face Museum was originally housed in the basement of curator and collector Mark Sachs’ Silver Springs, Maryland home from 1992-1994. You can take a tour of the original museum in this amazing video he made in ’90s. It was recently revived, and this weekend marks the final installment in a month long series of exhibitions and events organized by Adrienne Garbini and held at the Brooklyn space 228 1/2. The latest incarnation of The Smile Face Museum features Sach’s original collection along with the collections of Sarah Jacobson, Rita Mageary, Emily Stebbins, and the Busy Beaver Button Museum. Alongside these collections of smile faces, were exhibitions of contemporary art.


This weekend, on Sunday April 27th, The Smile Face Museum presents Smile Magnet from 12pm-7pm at 228 1/2 Boerum Street, Brooklyn, NY. The Museum will be open with all of the smile faces from the collection on view, along with a Swap Meet presented by Carmelle Safdie’s Choices, and a BBQ. You can sell or show your smile face items. There is a $1 suggested donation at the door for entrance, and for the donation of object/image/video for the collection. All participating vendors can keep 100% of their profits. Current vendors include, among others, Hannah Buonaguro, Ryan Foerster, Katie Kline, JoJo Li, The Perfect Nothing Catalog, and What Nothing Press.

If you missed Mark Sach’s original Smile Face Museum back in the 1990’s and you missed The Smile Face Museum in Brooklyn, you can still catch a satellite exhibition of duplicates at a new artist-run space in Richmond, Virginia, Sediment, from March 29 – May 17.



The Smile Face Museum Courtyard, 2014.
Image courtesy of The Smile Face Museum.


The Smile Face Museum Poster, 2014.
Image courtesy of The Smile Face Museum and What Nothing Press.

TSFM-Real McCoy1

Installation of Real McCoy (April 13-15) featuring a portion of
the Smile Face Museum Ceramics Collection and artwork by Bailey Scieszka, 2014.
Image courtesy of The Smile Face Museum and Leigh Aschoff.


Installation of The Peter Prescription (April 6-8)
featuring The Busy Beaver Button Museum Smiley Collection, 2014.
Image courtesy of The Smile Face Museum.

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