photo 4The Velveteria is a truly unique museum, whose collection is comprised entirely of paintings made on velvet. The museum recently relocated from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Owners Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin started collecting velvet paintings 15 years ago and their collection now boasts 3,000+ paintings. The museum houses about 500 velvet paintings, and today marks the opening of the first reinstall since moving to their new space in L.A.

Today! | Friday August 15 | 11am – 9pm

Velveteria | 711 New High St., L.A., CA 90012

2 for 1 | $10 gets 2 in

Bring your shooting partner!
Mongrels & Moonshine
Vittles & Venom 

The 60s are ending, the West is yet to come. Velveteria: Museum of Velvet Paintings presentation of the Wild West includes: Bandito Land, Country Music Outlaws, Cowboys & Indians, Heros & Villians and The World Premeire of Louie Behan; he put the magic on velvet like no other artist for 50 years from the Bronx, New York.

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