This weekend Cinefamily in Los Angeles is screening the films of The Unarius Academy of Science. The 3-day event is co-presented by Jodi Wille, director of The Source Family documentary, and co-founder of Process Media, the independent publishing house featured in issue no.5 of Paris-LA Magazine, along with Feral House. This is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not only to see these amazing films and videos, but to interact with members of the Unarius Brotherhood, and see a special exhibition of books, photographs, and ephemera on view behind the theater!

I first found out about Unarius when I stumbled upon their amazing book, A Pictorial Tour of Unarius. The cover features their leader, Uriel, a white haired grandma figure dressed up in an incredibly elaborate, colorful shimmering dress with planets and the fiery sun adorned to it. She was a clairvoyant who believed in past lives, aliens and UFOs. She started The Unarius Academy of Science with her husband in the late 1970s. She passed away in 1993, but the brotherhood continues on, just outside of San Diego, California.


The members of the Unarius Brotherhood were insanely creative, and for decades they have hosted a cable access television program like no other, featuring their psychedelic process-oriented psychodramas. The handmade costumes are colorful and elaborate, and the sets are made out of plastic and glass objects, fake flowers, Christmas lights, toys, etc. The stories are unscripted and are created as the actors and filmmakers go along. Themes of lost civilizations, interplanetary travel, aliens, and reincarnation are common. These films are a must see!

Unarius film stills

Unarius film stills

Last night before the opening event, The Space Cad rolled up in front of the theater. A sight to behold!

photo 4

photo 4

Jodi Wille and Cinefamily Head Programer Hadrian Belove introduced the opening event last night, dressed in original Unarius costumes. They did a Q+A with members of the Unarius Brotherhood, some of whom were involved in the filmmaking process. 

photo 2

Jodi Wille introduction

photo 3

four members of the Unarius Brotherhood, Jodi Wille, and Hadrian Belove

After the screening and Q+A, Cinefamily served up UFO cookies and the Unarius exhibition was on view outside behind the theater.

photo 4


photo 1

photo 2photophoto 3




  1. isis aquarian

    a bit of fun and bit of humor is a good way to share and get your message across…they were certainly creative and lived in the spiritual joy of it all….the 70’s were awesome and so happy the residue of it is still being shared and enjoyed for us old guard and by this next generation…wish i were there for this one…Jodi, Hadrian and Cinefamily always deliver :))

    thanks for sharing this

    isis aquarian-the Source

  2. Rachael Morrison Post author

    A book or DVD release would be great! As far as I know, no plans for either. (The Arrival – their feature length film is on Youtube though).
    Jodi Wille is curating “The Visionary Experience: St. Francis to Finster,” to open October 9, 2014, and run through September 7, 2015 at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, which I am sure will be amazing! It will feature Unarius, The Source Family, etc.

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