Two opportunities to see the work of Wolfgang Tillmans:

In his first exhibition at Tate Modern, a selection of photographs, recorded music, publications, videos, and digital slide projections by Tillmans since 2003 are now on view through the first week of June.


WOLFGANG TILLMANS: 2017, through June 11

TATE MODERN, Bankside, London



“What does this constant self-expression mean? Is that maybe a terror of self-expression?” — Wolfgang Tillmans*

“A thoughtful, intelligent confidence has guided his long, successful journey, but Wolfgang has claimed that he would be lost without the strong sense of doubt that defines his photography, from the representational documents of his community to his abstractions. He is highly engaged in the international discourse around politics and power. Yet, as he told writer Paul Flynn in 2009, ‘purposelessness is quite crucial to art.’ These contradictions are the connections that define Wolfgang’s body of work.”**

In its first large-scale show devoted to photography, the Fondation Beyeler will exhibit over 200 works from 1989 through 2017 by Tillmans, together with a new audiovisual installation.


WOLFGANG TILLMANS, May 28 through October 1.

FONDATION BEYELER, Baselstrasse 101, Basel



*”Sound and Vision: Wolfgang Tillmans in conversation with Dorothée Perret,” PARIS LA 15, Spring 2017, 53.

**Barlo Perry, “Sound and Vision” introduction.

Wolfgang Tillmans, La Palma, 2014 © Wolfgang Tillmans Image credit: Tate Modern

Wolfgang Tillmans, La Palma, 2014
© Wolfgang Tillmans
Image credit: Tate Modern

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