L.A.-based music producer Steven Ellison, known by his stage name Flying Lotus, debuted the schizophrenic beats and deeply layered textures of his sixth studio album, You’re Dead!, to a crowd at the Orange County Observatory last night. Flying Lotus (affectionately dubbed “FlyLo”) has produced each album around a central concept: the year of his birth (1983), his hometown (Los Angeles), cosmology and spacetime (Cosmogramma). You’re Dead!, he told the audience, is both a mockery of and meditation on human mortality.


Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! from Warp Records on Vimeo.


“FlyLo” performed wearing a skull-like mask with glowing pits for eyes, behind a scrim drenched in hallucinatory screen projections. Dismembered bodies flew through fields of bloodred strobe. The imagery–also featured in a gruesome mandala on the album’s cover–is reminiscent of his early days producing musical interludes for Cartoon Network’s NSFW late show, Adult Swim.


You’re Dead! was released worldwide on October 6.


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