THE ESSENTIAL PAINTER—an exhibition at Mendes Wood DM, with an online viewing room presented by Modern Art, London—brings together work by Eleonore Koch (1926–2018), with a focus on her 1960s London period to the paintings she did in São Paulo in the 1990s.

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Through January 16, by appointment.

Mendes Wood DM

60 East 66th Street, 2nd floor, New York City.

Modern Art, London viewing room

Eleonore Koch, The Essential Painter, Mendes Wood DM, New York, and Modern Art, London, November 24, 2020–January 16, 2020, from top: Interior with white chair, 1977, tempera on canvas; Blue carpet on steps in landscape, 1984, tempura on canvas; Awaiting, 1971, tempura on canvas; Untitled, 1969, pastel on paper; Untitled, 1973, tempura on canvas; Angry Island, 1974, tempura on canvas; Untitled, 1971, pastel on paper; Interior with yellow chair blue, 1987, tempura on canvas; Untitled, 1968, tempura on canvas. Images courtesy and © the Estate of Eleonore Koch, Mendes Wood DM, and Modern Art.

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